1 pound of calamari
4 eggs
bread crumbs
salt & pepper
1 quart Mike's Deli marinara
1 teaspoon crushed red pepper


Clean calamari or buy it already cleaned from your favorite fish store.
Break and whisk eggs into a bowl.
Slice the calamari into rings.
Dip the calamari into the eggs and then into the bread crumbs coating well.
When finished, place the calamari into the refrigerator for 10 minutes to set.
Meanwhile in a large sauce pan heat 1 quart of the oil.
Take the calamari from the refrigerator.
Cook in small batches in the hot oil using a thong to separate the pieces if they are sticking together.
When cooked to a light golden brown, drain the calamari on paper towels.
In a mixing bowl mix the 1 teaspoon to crushed red pepper (flakes) with the marinara if this is not spicy enough add a little more pepper.
Warm the sauce, can be eaten at room temperature, with the calamari hot.
Serves 6-8.