1 pound calamari
1 can cannellini beans
2 lemons (juiced)
6 oz. balsamic vinegar
ΒΌ pound mesclun greens
salt & pepper
1 tablespoon sugar (if desired)


Clean calamari or buy it already cleaned from your favorite fish store.
Heat grill on stove top.
Toss calamari in a small mixing bowl with a little oil, salt and pepper.
Drain and wash beans clean.
Add to a mixing bowl with a little salt and pepper and a touch of olive oil, mix well.
Pick through the mesclun making sure no brown pieces are in the mix.
Throw away any wilted or brown greens.
As this mesclun mix comes pre-washed you do not have to wash it.
But you can if you wish, we do.
Wash and drain mesclun, set aside.
When grill is very hot add some of the calamari to the grill.
Add only as much as you know you can work with as you have to flip all the pieces quickly, so as they do not char too much.
Total grill cooking time should be about 2 minutes.
After all of the calamari is grilled, set aside in a bowl.
In a small mixing bowl add the balsamic, juice of 1 of the lemons and add it a little at a time to the balsamic.
Taste the dressing while you are doing this as both the balsamic and the lemon are very acidic.
If you like the dressing this way, leave it, if not add the sugar.
Whisk this in very well to allow the grains to melt into the liquid.
Lay some mesclun on a plate, drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper.
Add a little of the lemon balsamic dressing to the calamari toss the cannellini beans in, mix well and top the mesclun greens with this mixture.
This will make 6 small servings.