10-12lbs pasta (bucato or perciatelli)
5- 240gr-400gr cans of con sarde
(Sardine seasoning for pasta)
5-cans or 1 pound Fresh Sardines
5 onions (sliced)
5-bulbs fresh fennel w. long green stem cut and used for pasta decoration
2 cups diced garlic
2 cups white wine
¼ stick butter
½ cup toasted pignoli nuts
½ cup yellow raisins
6 cups of olive oil
4 quarts of pre-made tomato sauce (if you need recipe for marinara sauce contact us. No oregano in the sauce)
¼ cups of parsley
2 qts chicken/fish stock


Add onions and garlic into a brazing pan with olive oil, once onions and garlic get color then add the sardines followed by sliced fennel with salt and pepper for taste.
Right before the fennel starts to caramelize add 2 qts of chicken/fish stock, once stock simmers add butter and when it dissolves pour in the white wine to simmer.
Next add the cans of con sarde (sardine seasoning) along with raisins, toasted pignoli nuts, tomato sauce and fresh parsley.
Let boil
Boil pasta extra al dente ….Add 1/3 of sauce to pasta and put in sheet pans, then add mollicia (breadcrumbs, sugar, and cheese mix) to the top of the pasta and crisp in the oven (bake) 400 degrees for 5 minutes or torch with fire.
When ready to serve add more hot sauce to the top and fresh parsley.

Note: as recipe grows you can add more lbs of pasta per recipe.