1 pound penne
½ pound Mike's Deli fresh ricotta salata
1 pound chunk smoked turkey
¼ pound Gaeta olives
1 red pepper
olive oil
salt & pepper


Boil salted water for pasta.
Add pasta and cook al dente 10-12 minutes.
Meanwhile cut the ricotta and smoked turkey into small ¼ inch cubes.
If pasta is cooked, drain and set under cold water to stop the cooking process.
It should cool in 1-2 minutes.
Drain off water set aside.
Deseed pepper and chop into medium dice.
In a large mixing bowl add pasta, turkey, ricotta salata, diced red pepper, the olives, olive oil and salt and pepper.
Wash hands and mix well.
Mix the salad gently as you do not want the ricotta salata to crumble.
Serves 8-10.