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  1. Stuffed Breads

    Stuffed Breads


    As seen on the Food Network's "ROAD TASTED"!

    Our stuffed breads come in four varieties: Neopolitan Eggplant Parmigiano,
    Pepperoni & Cheese,
    Chicken & Broccoli Rabe,
    and the Greco Special.

    Approximately 1/2 pound per unit. Learn More
  2. Focaccia



    Foccacio breads are made in round pans and baked until golden. Using different vegetables and spices makes the difference in flavors. They are all seasoned with salt and pepper and drizzled with olive oil. Learn More
  3. Migliazzo



    Spaghetti Pie: Grandma's leftover spaghetti with cheese and mozzarella. So good, better than any quiche! Learn More
  4. Pane di Casa

    Pane di Casa


    As it has been made for generations- round, thick, crusty bread- from our local neighborhood bakeries. Learn More
  5. Pizza Rustica Calabrese Style

    Pizza Rustica- Calabrese Style


    This is the Calabrese Grandmother's version of the traditional Easter pie. Much lighter, less dense and crustier; but just as delicious and delicate - made with sopressata, and mozzarella. Learn More
  6. Pizza Rustica Neopolitan Style

    Pizza Rustica - Neopolitan Style


    Although this is the traditional Easter Pie, it has become so popular, it is sold at Christmas time as well. It is filled with table cheese, basket cheese, ricotta, sopressata, dry sausage and prosciutto, wrapped in a delicious sweet crust. A perfect antipasto treat! Learn More
  7. Sicilian Rice Balls

    Sicilian Rice Balls


    Seasoned rice, wrapped around a little center of chopped meat and tomato sauce. They are delicious! Friday orders are shipped on Monday if "Saturday Delivery" is not specifically requested. Learn More
  8. Square Foccacia

    Square Focaccia


    Square Focaccia with fresh tomatoes, oregano, salt, and ground pepper drizzled with olive oil. Learn More

8 Item(s)

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